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Money Power Love by Joss Sheldon

money power love


“Endings are not always bad. Most times they’re just beginnings in disguise.” KIM HARRISON

Picture the scene, if you Our three heroes are sitting in a traditional British pub. They do little to stand out. If you were to see them, you probably would not give them a second glance. The first man sips half a pint of cheap ale. He is still on his second drink, despite his companions being on their fourth. The second man, drinking whisky, spreads himself out across the booth. He takes up more space than the other two men combined. The third man, mulling over the fine notes in his glass of claret, twirls a diamond-encrusted ring around his index finger. These three men were once three babies, born on three adjacent beds, a mere three seconds apart. Their mothers had screamed in unison as they endured what were not so much three separate sets of labour pain, but one unified agony; an agony so immense, they all agreed it was three times greater than any pain womankind had ever known. These three men were once three toddlers, who lived in three adjacent houses, which were each three metres wide. Each house had three windows. All three families shared a single latrine. These three men had once been three teens. They had been three adults. You get the picture… But these men are not toddlers, nor are they teens. Age has wizened them, serpentine scales have cut craggy ravines from their skin, grey has replaced colour, and baldness has replaced hair. Their shared nature has not been forgotten; at times, it has been so strong that they have felt each other’s emotions, as if those emotions were their own. They have always looked the same, and have often acted in a similar manner. Yet nurture has triumphed over nature. Cast adrift by the whimsy of circumstance, our three heroes have been shaped by three very different sets of events, and three very different sets of people. As a result, they have spent their lives chasing three very different goals. This man here, his fingers moist with warm beer, has spent his life chasing love. This man, throwing back whiskies with conscious indifference, has spent his life chasing power. And this man, well, you must have guessed it by now. This man, with his diamond ring, has spent his life chasing money. But to leave it there simply would not do. So let’s start, as all good stories should, back at the very beginning…


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Our three heroes are born on three adjacent beds, a mere three seconds apart. United by a shared nature, they often feel each other’s emotions, as if those emotions are their own.

When a fire burns through their homes, killing their families, they are cast apart. Mayer is adopted by a wealthy couple, Archibald by a loving uncle and aunt, and Hugo is dumped in the workhouse.

They finally reunite, many years later, only to fall in love with the very same woman, at the very same time; feeling each other’s love as if it is their own. But, turned into three very different people, by three very different upbringings, they court her in very different ways.

The consequences are extreme; inspiring our heroes to spend their lives chasing money, power and love, in the vain hope that these things will help them to win the girl. We romp through history; watching on as bankers create money out of nothing, and the British Empire takes over the world, before arriving at the most exhilarating of finales.

This is a story which will make you laugh, cry, cringe, smile, scream and shout. It truly is a modern masterpiece, unlike anything you’ll have ever read before…

  • “Breathtaking” – The Huffington Post
  • “Picaresque” – Scottish Left Review
  • “Unputdownable” – The Avenger
  • “A work of art” – Pak Asia Times
  • “Strangely kind” – The Tribune
  • “A roller-coaster” – BuzzFeed



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